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5 Ways Tech Can Make Managing Diabetes Less Complicated

Tech is meant to make our lives easier. If you are one of the many Americans living with diabetes, tech can also make managing your symptoms less of an effort. From apps that help you track your blood sugar levels to free online fitness classes, there are countless ways to use technology to improve your health and decrease your risks for diabetes-related complications. In fact, here are five of the most effective ways you can use tech to manage your diabetes.

Fitness Tech Can Keep You Active

You already know how important exercise is for managing your diabetes. When you engage in regular physical activity, your body is able to process insulin more effectively. Exercise can also improve your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels, both of which are critical for preventing further health complications. Getting started with a fitness plan is often the hardest step and technology like fitness trackers can provide the motivation you need to get up and get your body moving each day. There are models to fit every fitness need and every budget.

Fitness Apps Can Keep You Healthy

Combine your new fitness tracker with a low-cost fitness app and you will have powerhouse tools for managing your weight and health. Some of the best smartphone tools for tracking your workouts, calories burned, and so much more include apps like Aaptiv and Daily Burn. These apps provide access to a variety of classes and workouts so you will never get bored. If you use these apps to start a new workout regimen, also be sure to take proper care of your feet.

Zoom Classes Can Help As Well

If you’re looking for even more variety in your fitness routine, you should look no further than live-stream classes via Zoom. Now to get the most out of these workouts you will want to have a reliable internet connection with speeds that can handle all of that video and audio content. Thankfully more people have access to ultra-fast internet options like Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband. This lightning-quick option can also come in handy if you are also working at home and those free fitness classes can also help you work exercise breaks into your routine.

Tech Can Help Save Your Feet

Maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy weight is also crucial for the management of diabetic symptoms. For example, many people with diabetes who are overweight are also at a much higher risk of developing diabetic ulcers. Other risk factors include heart and/or kidney disease, which are conditions that can also be at least partially managed with dietary changes. You can use nutrition apps like MyPlate and Fooducate to stay on track with your diet. If you do develop ulcers on your feet or limbs, know that podiatry services like those at Eastside Podiatry can also help you manage infections and prevent other complications, including amputation.

Apps Can Track Blood Sugar

In addition to keeping you on track with your diet and fitness routines, certain tech tools can also make it easier to monitor your glucose levels. Apps like mySugr and Diabetes Connect include features that help you record blood sugar, meals, and insulin levels from day to day. These apps then feed this information into easy-to-read charts and reports that can help you make healthier choices to manage your diabetes. Whether you are using diabetes apps or weight loss apps, the key is to find tech solutions that don’t cause you more stress and will be easy to use.

Managing diabetes can take some effort and dedication. If you know how to use technology, however, you can make achieving your diabetes management goals a little less stressful. So whether you need to lose weight, get in shape or make better food choices, be sure to look into all of the ways that technology can take the guesswork out of managing your health.

Whether you are worried about diabetic foot ulcers, injuries, or other issues, Eastside Podiatry can help you address all of your foot and ankle concerns.