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How to Prevent and Treat PVD Leg Ulcers

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) can cause painful, debilitating leg ulcers. The good news is that you can treat these ulcers and even prevent them from developing in the first place. Here’s what you should know.
Dec 1st, 2022

How to Treat Venous Ulcers and Stasis in the Leg

Venous ulcers are open sores that can cause problems with blood circulation in your legs. With proper care, most people can get rid of them in a few months. Learn what causes these slow-healing wounds, and how we treat them.
Nov 10th, 2022

4 Common Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain makes it difficult to get around, all the more so as you switch from summer sandals to fall footwear. Read on to learn about common causes of heel pain and what you can do to get relief.
Sep 28th, 2022


Neuroma Pain and symptoms
Jan 4th, 2021

Foot Health

Tips to keep your Feet Healthy During Summer
Apr 21st, 2020

Venous Ulcers

A wound on the leg or ankle caused by abnormal or damaged veins.
Sep 8th, 2023


Bunion And Foot Pain
May 8th, 2020


You do not have to live with warts forever.
Apr 26th, 2020